Bond Saver S2

Art.no: 10830

SafeBond is the ultimate device to dispense Bonding liquid. Fast, safe and economically.
Bonding is a very expensive and allergenic agent and when you dispense bonding with the pipette mounted in the bonding bottle, you often dispense too much, a drop contains 30-50 microlitres (ul), and this will result in bonding (and money) waste. Often there is a small amount of bonding leaking to the outside of the bonding bottle, so when you handle the bottle you will get it on your fingers and this may develop an allergic skin reaction.
When you use SafeBond you will avoid these problems. SafeBond dispenses 12 ul each time and your fingers will never come in contact with the bonding liquid.

And it is fast!​

You can rotate SafeBond S2 with your mouse.


With Bond Saver S2 it´s easy to dispens bonding liquid.


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