Borrix Mini - Bur block

SKU: (original) 105xx (Neon) 106xx (xx = color)

Our newest version of Borrix Original and Mini have enhanced features such as a wider "heel" and higher friction between the body and arm which increases the locking feature and reduces the risk of burs falling out. We also introduce three new colors, turquoise, purple and light blue.

Holds 10 burs (5 fg, 3 Ra, 2 RaSL)

Adjustable in every angle, can be cleand with dishwasher, ultrasonic and autoclave 135 ° C.

Borrix is avalible in 15 different color useful when colour coding between dentists or tray system.

The arm holding the burs in place when cleaning, etc.

In work mode are four temporary holding holes bur stands arm.


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